for the HTC VIVE

Orc Hunter is not just like any other VR game. It’s an immersive game with a diverse set of weapons. You have to defend yourself against hordes of orcs approaching you from all directions. The game truly shows what virtual reality is capable of, by combining great gameplay, with stunning graphics.
Even though Orc Hunter is still in a development phase, you can buy our Early-Access version of the game.


Orc Hunter is still evolving and we are constantly creating more and more content, so stay tuned for more. If you want to know more about producing the game, visit our development blog. The blog will also keep you updated about any updates we will release.

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Current keyfeatures:

– close combat
– diverse weapons (sword, shield, bow)
– cuttable limbs
– teleport based movement
– coop mode
– wavemode
– conquer gamemode

Planned features:

– magic powers
– bossfights
– custom matches
– killstreaks

Note: The list above does not cover all plans for the future, it just gives you a rough overview. The variety of the existing content will be increased as well.


Art Style

Below you can view and interact with the first enemy and the players sword in 3D.